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Massage Therapy | Judith Pritchard Keogh, BCTMB, LMT, TTT


A wonderfully soothing experience in a warm, welcoming, and down-to-earth setting. I couldn't have felt more at home.
- Jennifer C.

If you are looking for a massage by someone who knows what they're doing, Judith is the person to see. My stress level has decreased ten fold. I was about to see my general practitioner for what I thought was carpal tunnel syndrome but after 3 sessions with Judith the tingling in my arms and hands has disappeared. Best Philadelphia area massage!
- Hannah C.

Judith is an amazing therapist. She's able to quickly zero in on areas of pain or dysfunction and provide lasting relief. She is capable of providing consistent pressure to penetrate deeply into muscles, or of using a gentler touch combined with healing energy to soothe stressed muscles - depending on her clients' needs. I recommend her highly!
- Gwen C.

I run in biathlons and half-marathons, and I have found that getting a massage from Judith is great for relaxing me and loosening my muscles a few days before a race. After a half-marathon, my soreness was gone after a single session with Judith.
- Jessica J.

Judith does wonderful massage work, tailoring it to just what I need on that particular day. Her warm personality and her sympathetic listening add to the richness of each session.
- Barbara B.

I am proud to say that I have known Judith Pritchard as a business associate, and professional massage therapist since 2005. Judith has worked on me personally and I refer many of my patients to her. Not only are they thrilled with the fabulous massage, but also compliment her on her extensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system and her wonderful disposition. You can truly feel the warm healing penetrate into your body and spirit.
- Kim W.

I have used Judith's services for years and have always enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and Judith's therapeutic massages. I'm an Administrative Assistant and after spending a great portion of my day sitting at the computer, the experience of a massage is soothing to my spirit and body.
-Denise A.

Judith provided me with a relaxing and therapeutic massage that nurtured my inner senses.
-Judi L.

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